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3D anti-peep tempered film screen protector for mobile phone

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-05-25 14:33:04

  Many people who regularly use mobile phones in public places have experienced peeks. So how do you protect the privacy of your screen when using your phone? The anti-peep tempered film is a very good choice. The mobile phone protective film produced by YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED is made of tempered glass. Unlike ordinary tempered glass film, this product uses the patented technology of ultra-fine louver (MICROLOUVER) optical technology, when the angle of view is 30 degrees. The content of the screen is blurred. At 60 degrees, the person next to it can only see the dark screen.

  The anti-peep tempered film material produced by our company is treated by high-temperature tempering, the surface hardness reaches 9H, strong impact resistance and easy to scratch. Compared with ordinary plastics, it can play a better anti-scratch effect, and the effect of anti-fingerprint and oil stain is better. In addition, due to its high hardness, even if the mobile phone falls, it can play a buffering role to a certain extent, preventing the screen of the mobile phone from being broken.

  The 3D arc edge has an anti-collision function, which can absorb the impact and protect the screen of the mobile phone when encountering an impact. The curved tempered glass with a thickness of 0.4mm is finely cut and fits well with the screen of the mobile phone. The user-friendly design makes the touch more agile. The oleophobic coating makes the product anti-oil, acid and alkali resistant, anti-fingerprint, keep the screen clean and clear; long-term use, the eyes are not easy to fatigue, better protection of vision.

  At the same time, this anti-peep tempered film is also a visual protection film that blocks blue light. Blue light blocking technology is used to absorb and convert blue light to achieve effective blocking of blue light. It can effectively block ultraviolet light, short-wave blue light, soft and dazzling light source stimulation, and attach AF coating to make the phone feel and hardness to be in good condition.

  The YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED has been focusing on the development and production of mobile phone anti-peep tempered film for 10 years. Our products are all imported from Japan, which not only protects the mobile phone from external forces, but also has anti-peeping and anti-blue light effects. Welcome to call the factory wholesale phone: 18823713534

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