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How to prevent the blue light damage to the eyes

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  When you go to the beach, you need to apply sunscreen. Why? Because if you don't, you will get sunburned. If it is often sunburned, UV radiation can cause skin cancer. Like your skin, cells in your eyes are also damaged by blue light. Light waves are measured in nanometers, and light between about 380 and 750 nm is usually visible to the human eye. Blue light is visible light between 380 and 500 nm and has been shown to be associated with macular degeneration in the eye by experts.

  The eye is one of the most important organs, not only allows you to see the shape and depth and millions of colors, but also helps you manage to keep your body's internal clock running. At the same time, the eyes are also one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. They need your protection to maintain and improve your vision. So how do we prevent blue light from protecting our eyes?

  In order to help improve the brightness and clarity of the screen, screens of electronic products such as mobile computers emit blue light harmful to the eyes in the range of 380-500 nm, which can directly reach the back of the retina and directly harm the eyes. This type of light can be filtered out by attaching an anti-blue film to the screen. The anti-blue film has a special coating that blocks blue light in the 380-500 nm range, protecting both eyes.

  Like all energy sources, the sun provides critical life support, but it can also cause serious damage. Ultraviolet, blue light exposure can cause burns to the skin and damage to the eyes. So when you are on the beach on a sunny day, you need to avoid staring directly at the sun, and the light on the snow will also be reflected in your eyes. To protect your eyes from the sun and ultraviolet rays: Take high-quality sunglasses outdoors, wear a hat, and rest in the shade.

  Sometimes we ourselves are the greatest danger to our eyes. Overworked eyes are prone to short-term and long-term eye and vision problems. To protect your vision, keep your eyes healthy and reduce stress. When it takes a long time to face the blue light on the computer screen, try to rest for 15 minutes every two hours, take a break every 20 minutes, and look around the room. Always blink and let your eyes look new. Maintain good air quality. Use a humidifier to maintain a comfortable temperature, avoid smoke and other contaminants, keep your eyes moist, improve your vision, and prevent blue light from harming our eyes.

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