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Introduction of the anti-blue light products for eye protection on the market

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-05-22 08:44:16

  Researchers at Harvard University found that using 2 hours of mobile phones before going to bed can cause melatonin to be inhibited by 22%, which can lead to sleep problems such as "sleep time is reduced and easily interrupted"; while blue light energy is strong, on the eyes. The damage can be ignored for a long time. There are four main anti-blue solutions on the market, including anti-blue glasses, anti-blue film, anti-blue display and anti-blue light software. So which one is better?

  Anti-Blu-light glasses: Comparing the state of wearing anti-blue glasses with the eyes when not wearing, I found that my eyes were more dry and nervous when I was not wearing glasses, indicating that anti-blue glasses are really useful. So to reduce the harm of blue light, anti-blue glasses is a very convenient choice.

  Anti-blue film: It has a good effect on anti-blue light, and the price is relatively cheap. It not only protects the eyes from blue light, but also has the function of protecting the screen with a tempered film. However, because the anti-blue film filters the blue light, it will make the overall visual quality darker, so you can easily see the screen without the outdoor light.                        

  Anti-Blu-light display: It is an eye-protecting LCD screen that converts short-wave blue light into a blue-light blue light. It is anti-blue light from the hardware and the technology is more advanced. But the price is very expensive, and whether it is long-wave blue or short-wave blue, it will affect sleep. Therefore, using hardware to prevent blue light, it is impossible to completely shield the harm of blue light. When actually used, the screen is still yellowish.

  Anti-Blu-ray software: The advantage is that it will automatically adjust the color of the screen according to the sunrise and sunset time. It will automatically brighten when there is sunshine in the daytime, and automatically adjust the color to warm in the evening, perfect for the body's biological clock. However, compared to anti-blue glasses, it is not possible to filter the blue light hazard of the surrounding environment.

  In summary, the editor suggested that you can buy anti-blue glasses and anti-blue film to protect the glasses. YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED has been focusing on the development and production of screen protectors for 10 years. The anti-Blu-light products are the best in the industry. They can not only play the role of blue-light protection glasses, but also protect mobile phone screens, TVs and computers. The screen is protected from external forces. Hotline: 18823713534.

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