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Monitor privacy filter VS. anti-glare screen protector

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  What is a privacy filter?

  The privacy filter, that is, the "left and right anti-peep film" is also called the anti-peep protection film, which means that the front side looks at 0 degrees and the anti-peeping blur becomes 10-15 degrees to the left (or 10-15 degrees to the right). Lower, until the left side 30-40 degrees (or 30-40 degrees to the right), basically can not see the picture.

  What is the principle of a monitor privacy filter?


  The monitor privacy filter utilizes the optical principle of physics, and adopts an ultra-fine louver structure, which can make the range of light reflected on the display screen smaller, and most of the light returns only in the incident direction. Therefore, only the user who is facing the screen can receive this part of the light and see the contents on the screen. Bystanders who are at an angle to the screen can't receive the light reflected from the screen from the side, so even if they look at the screen, they can only see a dark.

  What is the structure of monitor privacy filter?

  The thickness of the monitor privacy filter is generally between 0.3 and 0.60 mm. It consists of five coatings: PET layer, adhesive layer, ultra-fine louver, PC layer, anti-glare hard coating. The ultra-fine louver material in the anti-peep film is made up of multi-layer materials. The louver is permanently set at the full-open (edge) position. There are about 715 louvers per inch (25.4 mm), each of which has a complete anti-spy film. Thousands of miniature blinds. The louver material consists of a grid structure arranged side by side. The spacing of the gratings is between 0.02 and 0.1 mm. When the light is irradiated on the privacy film, most of the light is blocked by the grating, and only a small portion is substantially vertically irradiated on the film. Light can be reflected out of the interval, which can reduce the visibility of the screen and prevent peeks.

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of the monitor privacy filter?

  Monitor privacy filter advantages:

  1.Protect privacy to prevent voyeurism: Using the principle of physical optics polarization, after using the anti-spy film on your LCD screen, the screen only has visibility of 30 degrees or less on the front and side, and from the side 30 degrees away from the left and right. I can't see the screen content.

  (The blinds should be known to everyone, a vertical line, 30 degrees away means that when viewed from the left, 30 degrees away from the left side of the screen (left line), when viewed from the right side, 30 degrees away from the right side of the screen (right line) ).

  2. Prevent scratching: The outer surface layer is treated with super-abrasive material coating, and the hardness is 4-5H, which can effectively prevent scratches, stains, fingerprints and dust, and protect your love machine from external damage to a large extent.

  3. Flexible application: When the computer does not need anti-peep, it can be easily removed as a computer accessory, even if the laptop is not taken down on the notebook screen, it can be closed freely.

  4. Prevent warm reflection: frosted surface, anti-reflective, prevent sunlight, fluorescent lights, etc., prevent strong glare from reaching 99.9% to eliminate eye fatigue and protect eyes.

  5. UV protection up to 96%, anti-radiation up to 99.9%, anti-static, enhance contrast, make the effect better.

  Disadvantages of monitor privacy filter:

  1. There is a small "blade" structure in the anti-spy film lens. This special structure blocks some light. Even if you look at the screen from the front, you still feel that the screen is darker than before, so the brightness and color of the screen will be affected to some extent.

  2. The screen's automatic brightness control with anti-spy film is not as sensitive as before, because the original brightness is not bright enough after applying the film, so you need to manually adjust to increase the screen brightness, which will consume more power.

  3. A long time staring at the screen can lead to refractive errors or visual dysfunction, as well as the possibility of inducing disturbances in the nervous system and the body's biological clock.

  What types of monitor privacy filter are currently on the market?


  Divided by color: golden peeping film and black peeping film

  According to the installation form: conventional anti-spy film, magnetic anti-spy film, hanging anti-spy film, with anti-penetration film

  According to the thickness: 0.37mm anti-penetration film, 0.42mm anti-peep film, 0.45mm anti-peep film, 0.47mm anti-peep film, 0.55mm anti-peep film, 0.59mm anti-penetration film

  According to the function: ordinary anti-spy film, anti-glare anti-spy film, anti-blue anti-spy film, touch anti-spy film, anti-radiation anti-spy film

  According to the anti-peep angle: 45 degree anti-peep film, 30 degree anti-peep film, left and right anti-peep film, up, down, left and right four-sided anti-spy film

  According to the material: tempered anti-spy film, TPU anti-spy film, PET anti-spy film, acrylic anti-spy film

  According to the use: computer anti-spy film, notebook anti-spy film, mobile anti-spy film, ATM anti-spy film, flat anti-spy film and various display anti-spy film

  How to choose a monitor privacy filter?

  1. Choose a high-reflection film

  The anti-peep film uses the louver polarizing technology to achieve the anti-peep effect. So the privacy film blocks some of the light on the laptop screen, making them look darker. Many people will make the screen information they see clearer by turning up the screen brightness. However, this will shorten the battery life. Therefore, when purchasing a privacy film, it is necessary to select a privacy film with a high light transmittance.

  2. Choice of anti-peep angle

  The anti-peep film can be divided into 30-degree anti-peeping, 45-degree anti-peeping, and four-sided anti-peeping according to the different anti-peep angles. Therefore, when selecting, you can choose different anti-peeping films according to your own needs.

  3. Selection of anti-spy film installation

  The anti-peep film can be divided into a magnetic anti-peep film, a hanging anti-peep film, a general anti-peep film, and a rubber anti-peep film according to different installation steps. Hanging anti-spy film is usually used in desktop computers, and anti-spy film is usually used on public monitors; so you need to choose different kinds of anti-spy film according to your actual situation.

  4. Selection of anti-spy film size

  When purchasing a peeping film, you need to choose a peeping film that fits the size of your laptop. It should not be too big or too small. You need to measure the length and width of the screen to determine whether the screen is a standard screen or a wide screen.

  5. Anti-peep film color selection

  According to the color of the anti-peep film, it can be divided into a black peeping film and a gold peeping film. The black anti-spy film is the most used anti-peep film on the market, and it has a high cost performance. The golden anti-spy film has better anti-spying effect than the black anti-spy film, and the transmittance is higher, but the price is more expensive.

  6. Selection of anti-peep film thickness

  The thickness of the anti-peep film is different depending on the material of the peeping film. The new one of the anti-peep film manufacturers can provide 0.37mm, 0.42mm, 0.45mm, 0.52mm, 0.55mm, 0.59mm anti-peep film, welcome to call 13433007870!

  What are the most popular monitor privacy filter brands on the market?

Brand Name Product Description

HP EliteBook 1040 & HP EliteBook 840

It is the only laptop in the world with integrated anti-spyware features that protects against visual hacking. It was developed using 3M anti-spy technology, so you don't need to carry other tools. Simply press the F2 button on your laptop to enter the anti-spy mode, which reduces visible light by up to 95% from an angle.

3M Gold Privacy According to 3M, the clarity of the golden monitor privacy screen is 25% higher than that of the standard 3M black anti-spy film. The anti-spy film begins to fade to black with a 30-degree side angle and is effectively shaded in a 60-degree viewing angle side view. Protect your laptop, deliver high definition while protecting your privacy.
Gadget Guard

The Gadget Guard anti-peep protection film is made of optical grade tempered glass. It has two-way privacy protection and a 9H hardness level to prevent scratching and falling.

Bodyguardz Founded in 2002, Bodyguardz's ScreenGuardz anti-spy film series features 4-sided anti-spyware, which makes it hard for anyone to see what's on the screen.
YIPI YIPI is a manufacturer with 10 years of experience in monitor privacy screen production. It adopts Japanese imported substrate, 30° anti-peep effect, 70% transmittance, and KBC wear-resistant technology makes anti-spy film anti-scratch and anti-scratch. The effect.
Akamai Akamai monitor privacy tablets come in different sizes for laptop and desktop monitors. It blocks the visibility of the outer corner of the 60 degree viewing angle.
Eleplace In addition to providing optical grade clarity, Eleplace also offers a lifetime warranty and a full refund if you are not satisfied with its performance. It protects the eyes by preventing 96% of UV rays and 99.9% of low frequency radiation.
Kensington Kensington is known for its many accessories and is a recognized brand. This screen protector is not cheap, but it is easy to install in a spring-loaded manner, without the need for adhesives, and the screen can reduce harmful blue light by 30%.
Targus According to the company, the data can only be seen directly in front of the display, up to 45 degrees from the center of the screen. The company's privacy filter is glued directly to a laptop or desktop monitor and can be easily swung up and down.
Tech Armor Tech Armor anti-spy film is available for most major smartphones, tablets and PCs. It has four anti-spy functions of up, down, left and right. But he may reduce the clarity of the screen.
Klearlook Klearlook's anti-spy film is a 9H tempered glass screen protector with an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprint smudges. It uses micro-optical technology with a viewing area of 60 degrees and a transparency of nearly 100% without affecting screen color.


iMoreGro's privacy protector is made of specially treated glass to protect the privacy of your screen in portrait or landscape viewing mode.

iCarez's Secret Series is a 360-degree privacy screen protector made from a new generation of Class A, ECO materials and Japanese nano-coating technology.

Patchworks ITG Made from Japanese original glass, Patchworks is made in Korea and comes with a 3M anti-peeping substrate. It has a viewing angle of only 30 degrees and is a high quality screen protector.
NEVEQ Its anti-spying function provides maximum clarity, 30 degrees viewing angle per side, tempered glass with 9H hardness and oleophobic coating.

4-ways anti-spy protection, in addition to the screen protection with 9H hardness and shatterproof function, also provides a lifetime replacement warranty.


It can block the view from the left and right sides within 45 degrees, with 9H hardness and hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, making it resistant to fingerprints.


The company's privacy screen offers 360° privacy protection with 9H hardness and 98% light transmission, as well as a lifetime warranty.


JETTech has created a highly acclaimed anti-spy film that is thin but has a hardness of 9H and a good anti-peep effect.

Juji Made of Japanese high-grade glass, the 3D all-inclusive mode not only protects personal privacy, but also protects the edges of the screen from external forces.

  What is an anti-glare screen protector?

  The anti-glare film is made of a metal material such as nickel or silver, and these metals are placed in a high-speed moving ion state in a vacuum environment to adhere to the glass surface. A screen protector that reduces the glare of the screen and protects the eyes. According to the reflection mode of glare, it can be divided into: mask reflection and reflection glare. Shading reflection refers to superimposing the surface of a regularly reflected image of approximately diffuse reflection such that the contrast of the observed object is reduced and the observed object is partially or completely disturbed. Reflected glare is usually associated with the position and angle of the viewer and is produced by highly smooth specularly reflected light.

  What is the structure of the anti-glare screen protector?

  The anti-glare film is made of PET material and can be securely attached to the screen. The anti-glare film contains a protective layer from top to bottom.

  An anti-glare coating, a safety base layer, an adhesive layer and a release layer; wherein the anti-glare coating layer comprises a binder resin, organic particles and inorganic particles; the organic particles and the inorganic particles each have a spherical shape, And the particle diameter is in the range of 1-5 μm and 2-8 μm, respectively, characterized by further comprising: a difference in refractive index between the binder resin and the organic particles, and the binder

  The difference in refractive index between the resin and the inorganic particles is 0.2 or less, respectively.

  What are the advantages of anti-glare screen protector?

  The anti-glare film gives the screen a matte finish that helps reduce the glare of the surrounding lights. The anti-glare film uses optics to block diffuse reflections of light, helping to keep the information on the screen visible and protecting your eyes. It has UV protection and reduces harmful blue light and gloss by 70%. The use of anti-glare film can reduce the risk of blue light damage and eye glare discomfort, prevent visual fatigue and protect eye health. It can filter out the function of sun glare, and you can easily read the information on the screen even when you are outdoors.

  1. Make the screen matte, helping to reduce the glare of the surrounding lights.

  2. Reduce the interference of environmental reflection, improve the viewing angle and brightness of the display screen, reduce the reflection of the screen, enhance the visual effect of people on the picture and digital, and make the image clearer and more realistic.

  3, the screen has high contrast, high resolution, wide viewing angle and anti-ambient light characteristics.

  4, do not have to use an extra screen surface protection layer, and has the function of reducing glare and maximizing image contrast and sharpness.

  4, with UV protection, reducing harmful blue light and gloss by 70%. The use of anti-glare film can reduce the risk of blue light damage and eye glare discomfort, prevent visual fatigue and protect eye health.

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