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YIPI produces 4 way privacy filter to keep your monitor screen private

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-10-15 14:46:14

  The privacy filter,is also called the anti-peep film, utilizes the principle of polarization in physics, adopts the global ultra-fine louver structure, so that the range of light reflected into the display screen becomes smaller, and most of the light returns only in the incident direction. Therefore, only the user who is facing the screen can receive this part of the light and see the contents on the screen. Bystanders who are at an angle to the screen can't receive the light reflected from the screen from the side, so even if they look at the screen, they can only see a dark. At present, the most popular ones on the market are left and right anti-spy film, and the new one produces anti-spy film that can prevent both left and right and can prevent up and down.

  Privacy filter structure for preventing left and right and preventing up and down The first layer of louver is to change the wide viewing angle of the screen (such as the viewing angle of the display 175 degrees) into a narrow viewing angle (30 degrees); realized by the grating structure arranged side by side, At a certain angle, the transmitted light is blocked by the grating, and the past is not visible; the front visible screen information is displayed, and the screen information is not visible on the side. The upper and lower left and right anti-spy film, that is, the four-sided anti-spy film, is made of the second layer of louver and the first layer of vertical louver at 90°, because the additional louver layer makes the filter thicker, thus reducing the light transmission. The rate will make the screen look darker.

  YIPI produces privacy filter that can prevent both left and right and can prevent up and down, that is, four-sided anti-spy film, which is usually used on IiPad, tablet, mobile phone and other display screens to achieve the effect of four-sided anti-spy film. Effectively protect personal privacy, so that voyeurs are impeccable! Welcome to call the investment agent phone 13433007870 (WeChat is the same number)!

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