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  In the past few years, the number of notebook users has grown exponentially. Most people with unstable working hours spend a lot of time in front of the laptop screen, which can cause a series of security problems in their eyes. If these problems persist, it is likely to become chronic and eventually lead to a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).


  What is computer vision syndrome?


  Computer Vision Syndrome is a life-threatening disease that may not cause permanent eye damage, but it can cause a lot of discomfort and directly affect your life. In today's world, between 65% and 90% of office users suffer from computer vision syndrome. Many people will choose to blink their eyes to relieve the symptoms, which may give you temporary relief, but it does not really solve the problem.


  To avoid the visual syndrome or adverse effects of long-term staring at the laptop screen, ophthalmologists recommend using a laptop protective film. The laptop screen protector can significantly reduce screen glare and is largely relieved. Use a laptop protective film to maintain healthy vision even when working hours are unstable.


  In addition to protecting the eyes, screen protectors can also be used to extend the life of laptop screens. Scratches, dirt, and accidental damage, it can act as a firm barrier to prevent external damage from hitting the screen of the laptop.


  Laptop screen protectors are available in ultra-clear and matte styles. The ultra-clear screen protector has a very high viewing resolution, and the matt screen protector helps reduce the reflection of the light in the background, and they all reduce the pressure on the eyes.


  The laptop screen protector is in the form of a thin transparent sheet, usually made of an anti-glare film, and if not, it is specifically designed for anti-glare screen protectors. However, there are some screen protectors that have multiple layers and are robust compared to the former type. Screen shields with a hard outer layer are generally more durable and provide more protection for your eyes. YIPI the laptop protective film manufacturer, wholesale telephone 13433007870!

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Classification method of anti-peep film material

Toughened privacy film, TPU privacy film, PET privacy film, acrylic privacy film

Does the privacy filter hurt eyes?

Does the privacy filter hurt eyes?

Introduction of laptop privacy screen & notebook anti-spy film

The laptop privacy screen is also called the anti-peep film, which is “left and right anti-theft” (also called 180 degree anti-peeping).

How does the privacy screen protector work?

How does the privacy screen protector work?

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