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  The mobile phone screen protector can keep the surface of the mobile phone in its original state. Whether it is an Apple mobile phone, a Samsung mobile phone or a Huawei mobile phone, it has a very beautiful display. Although the glass on the surface of the display screen already has a certain anti-scratch prevention function, the screen of the mobile phone may still be scratched, which may be a key, a dice, or other hard things. So we still need to buy a mobile phone protective film to prevent screen damage.


  So, what are the types of mobile phone protective film?


  Polyethylene terephthalate (PET protective film)


  PET is a type of plastic commonly used in water bottles and other food containers. Unlike durable rubber-like TPUs, PET has a very smooth feel. They are very cheap, thin and light, so they are very sensitive to the touch. The PET screen protector provides a small amount of scratch and bump protection.


  Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)


  It's a soft plastic that can be cumbersome to install (it involves the use of a spray solution and scratching bubbles), but it has a flexible ductility so it can be attached to the edge of any phone and it has better quality than PET. Impact protection, and it has a "self-healing" ability for small scratches.


  Tempered glass


  Although he does not have the TPU's self-healing ability, and because it is thicker, it will affect the feel. But they are very effective in scratching and shatter-resistant, and the tempered glass currently on the market is very cheap.


  9H nano protective film


  The nano film is better than the tempered film, and the nano film is divided into a granular film and a dense film. The particle film is a film in which the nanoparticles are stuck together with a very small gap in between. A dense film refers to a film that is dense but has a grain size of nanometer. The thickness of this protective layer is only 0.1 mm, which can completely cover the original screen surface, prevent damage from external force, scratch, and increase shock absorption, which is 5 times higher than the standard of PET film. And it will not affect the viewing of the phone screen.


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