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  Due to the needs of life and work, most people currently need at least 8 hours a day to face the computer, so today Xiaobian will explain to you which kind of computer monitor will be more suitable for our office workers.


  In terms of resolution, the resolution of the computer screen is the same as the resolution of the mobile phone camera, and the things on the screen are more clear, so the eye movement time is shortened. In this case, it will help to alleviate symptoms such as eye strain.


  When we convert the image, we can see that like the flashing light, you will not feel the alternating stages. The study found that if a person refreshes at 10 to 14 Hz, it is very irritating and can cause brain or mental symptoms.


  Nowadays, this refresh rate must be made internationally so that the eyes are very comfortable. The international computer screen must be at 75 Hz, so that the eyes have a comfortable feeling. The higher the refresh rate, the better the comfort of the eye experience, which is for sure. So now there is a situation where the liquid crystal display replaces the screen, and the liquid crystal display is very beneficial to the protection of the eyes.


  In the image, the brightness and sensitivity to the brightness ratio are also very important. In fact, the black and white contrast inside is very important. If the screen is too bright, people will easily develop symptoms of visual fatigue in the case of high contrast brightness, so the screen is appropriately lowered. Brightness, increasing its contrast, has some advantages in eliminating fatigue from the eyes.


  From the foreign and domestic reports, it was found that the LCD screen surpassed the original screen regardless of the refresh frequency and resolution. But no matter which kind of display, when we stare at it for a long time, our eyes will feel tired.

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