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Privacy filter angle: 45° privacy screen VS 30 ° privacy screen

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-09-03 15:24:59

  With the advent of the era of big data and the popularity of electronic devices, people will store more and more information on smart devices such as mobile phones and computers. Because of this, it has given some people with the heart to have a chance, the industry called visual hackers. They rely mainly on their eyes to steal confidential information from users for personal gain. The peeping film has also emerged as a result, which can effectively prevent voyeurism and protect user privacy. Today, Xiaobian will explain the angle of the privacy filter, that is, the difference between the 45° privacy screen and the 30° privacy screen.



  45° privacy screen: Using the principle of physical optics polarization, after using the anti-spy film on your LCD screen, the screen only has visibility of 45 degrees or less on the front and side, and from the side other than 45 degrees on the left and right. Unable to see the screen content. (The blinds should be known to everyone. A vertical line is 45 degrees away from the left and right sides. It is 45 degrees away from the leftmost (leftmost line) of the screen. When viewed from the right, it is from the far right of the screen (rightmost). One line) other than 45 degrees).



  30° privacy screen: Ultra-fine louver optical technology. The blinds will look different at different angles. When looking out from the front, the view in front of you can be seen at a glance; when looking from the side, the line of sight is completely obscured. The principle of the anti-spy film is similar to that of the blinds, which reduces the distance between the louver strips we see everyday, and implants hundreds of thousands of ultra-fine louver layers in a protective film in ultra-fine blinds. Under the influence of optical technology, the front side of the screen has the highest light transmittance, the strongest visibility, and the side other than 30 degrees, the transmittance is 0, and the screen content cannot be seen.



  It can be seen that the 30° privacy screen is better than the 45° privacy screen. However, since the ultra-fine louver structure in the privacy film blocks part of the light, even if the user views the screen from the front, it is found that the screen is darker than before the film is applied. A new anti-peep film manufacturer, wholesale 30-degree anti-peep film, 45-degree anti-peep film, four-sided anti-spy film and so on. Welcome to call us at 13433007870!

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