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Why is the font blurred after installing the privacy screen protector?

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  The privacy screen protector adopts the patented technology of the ultra-fine louver (MICR0L0UV) optical technology of the world. The data displayed on the screen is specially designed for the user to read on the front side. The visible area is 60 degrees. Anyone can only see the dark picture on both sides. Effectively protect business secrets and personal privacy, users can use computers, mobile phones and other electronic products in the office, on the road, in public places and in any environment. However, many users who have used the anti-peep film have responded to a problem: after using the privacy screen protector, the font of the screen is blurred!


  Why is the font blurred after using the privacy film?


  1. Whether it is a peep-proof film, a high-definition film or an ordinary tempered film, the transparency of the metal foil will not be ascending or descending, which will make the words on the screen somewhat blurred and darker, not as clear as in the past. This is a common problem with all protective films.


  2. Many manufacturers who are not strict with quality control do not have their angles in the production of anti-peep film, so that after the stickers, many streaks appear, so that long-term staring at the screen will cause redness and swelling of the eyes. Tears, photophobia, etc., over time, the font becomes blurred.


  3. The anti-peep film uses the principle of louver polarizing, which blocks part of the light, and all the screens are darkened, which makes the font of the screen blurred.


  4. The thickness of the anti-spy film is generally 0.22~0.59mm, which makes it easy to refract light to the screen, thus increasing eye fatigue, and maintaining the convexity of the ciliary muscle and lens in tension, which is more difficult to see clearly. Font.

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