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  As an ordinary office worker, I spend hours watching the computer screen every day. At present, most of the primary school students in China need computer-aided completion. The high-energy light from the computer can cause some eye health problems: dry eyes, eyelids, blurred vision, headaches and other symptoms. For the high-energy light emitted by the computer, we need to buy a computer blue light filter to protect your health.



  The computer blue light filter has a 5-layer structure: a surface hardened layer, a radiation resistant material layer, a blue light resistant material layer, a color reducing layer, and a surface hardened layer. It can effectively filter out the high-energy light emitted by the computer screen, and has anti-glare and anti-radiation functions to protect both eyes. At the same time, it also has the anti-scratch, anti-scratch and anti-fall effect of tempered glass.



  Computer blue light filter is the easiest and easiest way to protect your eyes. Over time, we can add some eye health habits: reduce the time spent using the computer, follow the 20-20-20 rules, adjust the screen brightness, etc. . Over time, you will find that this is not only good for your eye health, but also good for your body.

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2016, October Asia - Word  Consumer Electronic Expo in Hong Kong!

2016, October Asia - Word  Consumer Electronic Expo in Hong Kong!

2016  April Asia - Word  Consumer Electronic Expo in Hong Kong!

2016  April Asia - Word  Consumer Electronic Expo in Hong Kong!

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