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The harm of looking at phone screen for a long time & how to protect our eyes

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-05-28 09:03:26

  In the era of smartphones, a variety of information is gathered on the screen. When we focus on the screen, the ever-changing light and shadow on the screen will continue to stimulate the eyes, thus aggravating the fatigue and dryness, itching and other feelings of the eyes. Even the eyes have stinging, tearing, photophobia and other discomforts. Today, the editor will introduce you to the harm of looking at the screen of your mobile phone for a long time and how to protect our eyes.

  The harm of staring at the screen of the mobile phone for a long time are as follows:

  Cause dry eyes

  Under normal circumstances, we blink 16-20 times per minute, while when we look at the phone, we only lick 6-8 times per minute. The electromagnetic wave, ultraviolet light, radiation, glare color and infrared rays of the mobile phone screen can also irritate the eyes. It strongly flickers, causing the photosensitive material on the retina of the eye to consume too much purple matter, causing dry eyes, fatigue, and ghosting. Blurred vision, severe cases will lead to cornea, conjunctival epithelial cells sequential keratinization, lacrimal gland secretion cells also occur lesions, dry eyes are afraid of light, do not dare to blink. If the disease develops rapidly, it can cause corneal perforation within a few weeks, leading to blindness.

  Easy to cause vision deviation

  Long-term lying in bed to play with the mobile phone, one month will cause left and right eye vision deviation; left and right lying on the right and left eyes the greatest pressure, such a month will cause left and right eye vision deviation, the pillow on the eye pressure caused by insufficient blood supply, time A long eye will have a sense of expansion, short-term image overlap, this is not a drop of eye drops can be good! Some people with glasses are not the same degree.

  Easy to cause blurred vision

  Staring at the phone for a long time in the dark room, the light from the phone will make the eye muscles fatigue, affecting the ability to focus, resulting in blurred vision. Initially it may be only temporary visual fatigue, but in the long run it will become permanent and eventually lead to myopia. It may even lead to astigmatism!


  Playing the phone for a long time, especially when looking down at the phone in a bumpy car, can cause damage to the conjunctiva of the eye. Because the posture of the fixed head is kept for a long time, it is easy to cause blood to flow to the eyes, resulting in mild congestion of the conjunctival blood vessels, and the sacral conjunctiva is also prone to mild nipple hyperplasia and formation of follicles. At first, there may be a phenomenon of flushing, moistness, and crusting of the ankle (eyes). If not noticed, it may induce chronic inflammatory lesions of the conjunctival tissue, causing chronic conjunctivitis.

  Hurt the skin

  Playing the phone late at night is extremely serious to the skin. Night is the moment when the body's immunity is the weakest. If you don't get a normal rest, it will damage your skin. Coupled with the high level of mobile phone technology, people use mobile phones when they are close to the face, which will have a great impact on the skin and tend to grow acne. In addition, the mobile phone is a very unsanitary thing, the surface is covered with bacteria, playing with a mobile phone at night, it will inevitably touch the face, neck, ears and other places, which may lead to acne, acne and so on. Some girls have just used it for a long time, and somehow have skin allergies. It was discovered that it was the fault of certain metals such as nickel on mobile phones.

  Influence biological clock

  Using more than an hour of mobile phones, tablets, or other electronic products that emit light on a bed can reduce the total amount of melatonin produced by people by about 22%. Once people's melatonin is inhibited to such a degree, the human physiological cycle will also be affected, the direct effect is that people are always in shallow sleep, greatly reducing people's sleep time. Even some people who are playing mobile phones for more than an hour are excited and have to continue playing. It makes the mood worse the next day, and it is easy to be anxious and depressed.

  Cervical vertebral arch

  Our normal people have physiological curvature of the cervical spine. If there is no physiological curvature, even bending in the opposite direction is called "anti-bow". "Cervical vertebral arch" is the most common pathological basis for cervical spondylosis. The high occipital can make the head flexion, increase the stress of the lower cervical vertebrae, and accelerate the degeneration of the cervical spine. While sleeping on the back and watching TV, as well as long-term Internet access, lying on the phone and other bad habits, pulling the cervical vertebra for a long time will also lead to the gradual reduction of the curve, straightening and even bowing.

  Causing children's myopia

  In childhood, the eyeball is still developing and the axis of the eye is still prolonging. At this time, looking at the mobile phone for a long time at a close distance will cause the ciliary muscle spasm and the axial length of the eye to eventually cause myopia. If the child wants to use the mobile phone, the continuous eye use time should not exceed 1 hour. It is better to feel the eye fatigue and adjust it for 10 minutes. Actively participate in outdoor activities and carry out physical exercise. In addition, playing table tennis can also exercise the ciliary muscles.

  So how do you protect our eyes?

  1. Keep a distance of 30 cm between the eyes and the phone when using.

  2. The light should not be too strong or too dark. The light source on the left front should be selected to prevent the shadow of the finger from obstructing the line of sight.

  3. The browsing time should not be too long. Don't lie down. Take 40~15 minutes after each 40~50 minutes, close your eyes or look at the distance for a few minutes to do eye exercises to prevent excessive eye fatigue.

  4. Adolescents under the age of 18 who are in the growth stage use less smartphones. This age-aged teenager is very important in eyesight health and has a lot of learning. Generally, there are cases of excessive eye use.

  5. Apply anti-blue light protection film to the mobile phone. This new type of mobile phone protection film can not only effectively block harmful blue light damage to the eyeball, but also prevent glare, ultraviolet light and so on. The YIPI is a manufacturer of blue protective film, our telephone number is: 18823713534.

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