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Is blue light really harmful? How to reduce the damage of blue light?

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  When we have to sit on the computer desktop every day and face the computer screen all day long, we often have symptoms such as sore eyes and anxiety. This series of symptoms is called eye fatigue or computer vision syndrome, which is a unique disease faced by modern people.


  Why are there such symptoms? It works by working under artificial fluorescent lamps for a long time. Looking at a monitor that emits ultraviolet light and blue-violet light at close range, you unconsciously stop blinking, causing your eyes to dry up and cause pain. By staring at the screen without adjusting your visual distance, you will also hypnotize yourself, which will blur your vision.


  Introducing new flat-panel TVs and displays using light-emitting diode (LED) technology and the latest organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology with curved screens, which release more high-energy visible light (HEV) and higher levels of blue Wavelength light, which can cause retinal damage to your eyes. Blue light is visible light, which is irradiated at a short wavelength and placed at one end of the visible spectrum, ranging from about 380 to 500 nanometers. Blue-violet light (380-455 nm) is very close in wavelength to ultraviolet light (100-380 nm), which is harmful to our eyes and our health if we contact them in repeated large doses.


  We are born with clear crystal lenses. As we get older, this lens turns yellow and tends to naturally filter out some of the blue light. This yellowing minimizes the harmful effects of allowing you to properly handle the benefits of blue light, such as waking up, increasing attention and increasing melatonin production. When using a smartphone, tablet or watching an electronic device such as a large TV screen, the eyes are extremely vulnerable and disturb their sleep cycle.


  How to reduce the impact of blue light on our health?


  1. Reduce the time spent using smart devices such as mobile computer TVs. Especially for children, not only should they reduce their use time but also reduce their frequency of facing the screen.


  2. Turn off all devices that emit high-energy short-wave blue light for about an hour before you are ready to fall asleep, helping us to sleep better.


  3. Using anti-blue light filter, this protective film can effectively block short-wave blue light and protect eyesight.


  4. If you have a choice, use LCD or plasma screen technology instead of LED technology. The screen may not be brightly colored, but it can reduce eye damage.


  5. Do not use LED lights that emit high concentrations of blue light in the office or at home. New energy-saving incandescent bulbs work better and are safer.


  6. Zoom in on the text of the screen, staring at small text will make you blink, keep your face close to the screen, causing fatigue and headaches, and other problems.


  7. When we stare at the screen, we also need to remember to blink and drop the eye drops.

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