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Why do we need to choose a privacy screen protector on mobile phone

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  When I am bored, I happily flip through some private photos inside the mobile phone. When I get off work, we will often reply to the customer's inquiry and other sensitive emails on the subway bus. After using the lunch, I will enjoy chatting with my friends after using the mobile phone. Will give you a short video of the day or brushing the vibrato; we all hope to keep it secret and not be spyed by others! The privacy screen protector uses its optical technology to design the screen so that anyone can watch the screen from the side People will only see a dark picture.



  Mobile phone privacy screen protector features:


  1. Easy to install, easy to use: The mobile phone anti-spy film can be installed directly according to the simple instructions.


  2. Anti-Peeping: The content on the screen of the mobile phone is only visible to people who are directly facing the screen; no one is visible from the left and right sides.


  3.9H hardness: the hardness can resist scratches up to 9H, which is 3 times stronger than the ordinary PET film protective film, and it can prevent scratch and anti-scratch.


  4. Touch sensitive: ultra-thin 0.3mm thickness ensures smooth touch and higher sensitivity of touch screen.


  5. Water and oil proof: Prevent excessive fingerprints and oil stains, making the surface easy to clean.


  6. YIPI the manufacturer offers customization of mobile phone privacy screen protector of various models and sizes.

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