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The harm of screen glare and the function of anti-glare film

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  With the popularity of computers, notebooks, and smart phones, the screens of these smart devices have become indispensable items in the lives of the people; because of the long-term staring at the smart screen, a problem that cannot be ignored is that the screen is generated. A lot of glare. These screen glare can cause refractive errors or visual dysfunction, as well as the possibility of inducing disturbances in the nervous system and the body's biological clock.


  Vision is a visual state that refers to visual conditions in the field of view due to unsuitable brightness distribution, or extreme brightness contrast in space or time, resulting in visual discomfort and reduced object visibility. A bright feeling in the field of vision that the human eye cannot adapt to may cause disgust, discomfort, or even loss of visibility. Excessive brightness occurs in a certain part of the field of view or excessive brightness changes occur before and after. Glare is one of the important causes of visual fatigue.



  According to the way glare is produced, it can be divided into direct glare and indirect glare.


  The glare source of direct glare is located in the same direction and is located near the object to be observed, and refers to glare generated by light emitted by an illuminant having high luminance or glare that is not completely blocked in an illumination environment. Glare sources of indirect glare are usually in a non-observing direction, which is usually caused by light reflected from a highly smooth surface.


  According to the reflection mode of glare, it can be divided into: mask reflection and reflection glare.


  Shading reflection refers to superimposing the surface of a regularly reflected image of approximately diffuse reflection such that the contrast of the observed object is reduced and the observed object is partially or completely disturbed. Reflected glare is usually associated with the position and angle of the viewer and is produced by highly smooth specularly reflected light.


  When watching a screen such as a mobile computer for a long time, the glare that is constantly flashing on the screen will continue to stimulate the eyes. As the eye continues to capture these rays and shadows, the eyes feel tired and damage the tear film on the surface of the eye, causing the eyes to dry up and deepen myopia.



  In daily artificial lighting, when the illuminance is 100-300lx and the flashing frequency is not lower than 150HZ, the light is more suitable for the human eye. When the illuminance is too strong and the flash frequency is insufficient, it may cause eye fatigue, which may cause refractive errors in the human eye. When there is strong light in a darker environment, the brightness of the two contrasts sharply, and glare can damage young children's retinal tissue, leading to visual dysfunction. The eyes of the elderly are also damaged by the weak metabolism of the retina, causing the eyes to be weakened by certain glare, resulting in irreparable damage to vision. For adults, glare can make fatigue muscle tension too strong, which may cause some damage to its self-regulation function.



  What should we do with so many screen glare?


  The anti-glare film effectively reduces glare and 65% reflection from the screen by 55% while reducing harmful blue light and gloss by 70%. The use of anti-glare film can reduce the risk of blue light damage and eye glare discomfort, prevent visual fatigue and protect eye health.


  In addition to purchasing anti-selection film, you can also improve the adverse effects of screen glare by following the steps below!


  1. A computer with a built-in Blu-ray filter that reduces emissions in the blue spectrum by up to 87% while maintaining proper color balance.


  2. Adjust the contrast, use strong contrast for great comfort, and use night mode when available (white background for dark backgrounds).


  3. Adjust the color temperature and use a warmer color profile with less red and less blue.


  4. Adjust the display brightness, reduce the display brightness and keep the screen slightly brighter than ambient lighting.


  5. Proper lighting in the room, using dim indirect lighting to reduce possible glare and reflection.

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