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Why is the privacy filter so popular?

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-08-27 15:50:31

  Nowadays, the privacy filter is popular among consumers in Europe and the United States. Why? Let Xiaobian introduce the advantages of the privacy filter to you today.



  1. Protecting Privacy


  Everyone wants their personal sensitive information or company confidential information not to be peeped at by outsiders. The peepproof screen can help us achieve this goal by using the principle of ultra-fine louver polarization. It only allows people who look directly at the screen to see clearly the content of the screen, and those who are next to it can not see clearly.


  2. Protect your eyes and screen


  The anti-glare screen can minimize glare and radiation on the computer screen, and ensure that you do not have headaches from using the computer for long periods of time. At the same time, it can protect your eyes from blue light radiation, and make your computer screen with scratch, fall, dust and other functions.


  3. Economic Benefits


  YIPI is a manufacturer with 10 years experience in producing privacy filter. We can provide the most cost-effective anti-peep film for consumers. Welcome to call 13433007870.

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Prequalified Suppliers & Development Process

Shenzhen YIPI Electronic Limited, established in 2 0 1 3, is a professional manufacture and exporter which focus on the research, development, production, sales and service of Laptop & Monitor Privacy Screen, Privacy filters and all kind of screen protect

Classification method of anti-peep film material

Toughened privacy film, TPU privacy film, PET privacy film, acrylic privacy film

Does the privacy filter hurt eyes?

Does the privacy filter hurt eyes?

Introduction of laptop privacy screen & notebook anti-spy film

The laptop privacy screen is also called the anti-peep film, which is “left and right anti-theft” (also called 180 degree anti-peeping).

How does the privacy screen protector work?

How does the privacy screen protector work?

What you need to know before choosing a privacy filter

Before choosing a privacy filter,you need to know What is a privacy filter,How to judge the quality of the privacy filter,How to choose a privacy filter.

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