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With the arrival of the 5G era, have you not purchased a privacy filter?

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  With the advent of the 5G era, it has become a new infrastructure that covers every corner. 5G has a richer and more diverse scene, it is not only high bandwidth, it is also the "Internet of Everything", access to more types of devices. For security issues, new application scenarios bring new challenges. This challenge comes not only from within, but also from external visual hackers.


  In this fast-paced world, information is more important than ever, and more and more information is digitally stored on our laptops, computers, mobile phones and other smart devices. In the face of cyber hacking, we have strong security software to stop them. So, can we do nothing to face visual hackers? Of course not! We can buy the privacy filter, so that the eyes that are used to peeping into the privacy of others can do nothing!



  What is a privacy filter?


  The privacy filter uses the ultra-fine louver optical polarization principle to reduce the viewing angle of the screen. The anti-spy film works by using the same layering technique to affect the transmission of light. The privacy film blurs the image of the display at different angles, causing light to pass directly through the screen, but partially hiding anything that normally leaves the screen at any angle. Because the light is partially obscured, it blurs the image at different angles, ensuring that only the person sitting in front of the computer screen can view the content on the screen, and no one next to it can clearly see the screen information. So even if someone is sitting next to you, standing or walking around the screen, you can be sure that your own screen information is safe.



  Does the privacy filter have other effects besides the anti-peep effect?


  Anti-glare protection


  Most computer users are faced with the problem of monitor glare. However, the anti-glare coating on the surface of the peep-proof film will improve your viewing experience and protect your vision, whether in the sun or other anti-glare conditions.


  Screen protector


  The anti-scratch coating of the anti-spy film allows your computer screen to be protected from fingerprints, smudges, dust and scratches.


  Blu-ray protection


  Your screen usually emits a lot of blue light when it's used, which can affect your eyes. However, the new anti-spy film has an anti-blue eye protection coating that protects you from these dangerous light.



  In this modern era, many people need to go out for various reasons: business office, company travel, travel and so on. Most people will carry real-time communication tools such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. In the face of large traffic, the data is threatened at any time. Are you planning to buy a privacy filter?

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